A Girl’s Dream - Tanya Chadha

I am determined to devote myself to the upliftment of women in the society and create a free environment for women across the nation. My journey began when I faced issues growing up which are faced by uncountable women in their daily lives in India. I dreamt of a day when each and every girl will step out of her house without any fear. I have a soft corner and a feeling to work for people who are not equally privileged in our country. I am a 4th generation social activist in my family and I have always wanted to work for the upliftment and betterment of the weaker section and to provide equal rights and position to all the women of our country. My family has always supported me and helped me in achieving whatever I desire.

I organised a unique Half-Marathon event for awareness of the cause for the protection and safety of the women in December 2017 at JLN Stadium New Delhi - “Run for Laadli”. More than 15,000 people from various fields and communities - Home Minister of India, Bollywood and sports celebrities took the pledge.

I aim to create awareness & medical diagnosis of deadly sexually transmitted diseases in Slums & Rural part of India of uneducated women under the initiative Saheli - (A female friend). I have also sensitised lakhs of males and females apart from the health check-up camps.

In the situation of the pandemic when the spread of coronavirus was booming across the country, I with team Ladli distributed thousands of Rahat Kits, Personal Hygiene Kits and Lactogen Baby Milk Powder, for underprivileged families in various districts of Delhi and Uttarakhand.

Apart from social initiatives, I am also a Motivational Speaker, Mental Health Coach and Healing Coach. I have conducted numerous talk-shows and webinars on pressing issues concerning the current affairs of present India.

I come from an upper-middle-class orthodox family. My mother inspired me and gave me the strength to prove my skills and to work for the betterment of others. Whereas at an initial stage of my career my father was not very supportive about the issues that I bring in attention in public sessions such as menstrual issues, sex education, condom awareness, etc. It was much later when I received some recognition for my contribution towards the society at a national as well as international level, that my father started supporting my work and volunteered himself to be a part of all of my activities and camps.