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Dare to Dream - Swarleen Kaur

Backed by 18 years of experience, I am a passionate and devoted Youth Personality Development Coach and Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Educator and Author. My belief and vision is a world in which each person can learn, grow, and live a productive life. I am admired for my inclusive leadership style – I believe in taking my team along, enabling each one to develop and progress. This leadership style is borne out of my experiences, challenges, and the adversities that I have tackled head on. For me, integrity coupled with hard work is the key to success. I am happiest when working with children and youth. This passion enables me to work relentlessly for these groups through conversations, language skills and teaching sessions. My relentless spirit drove me to become an Entrepreneur – conceiving and putting together an organisation – The Talk Room - that teaches soft skills and helps with personality development, etiquette training, time and stress management, self-confidence and leadership for children and young adults. My empathetic demeanor and understanding of human emotions fires my motivational speaking, helping people to overcome depression and feelings of loneliness and desolation. I like to do this as a service to humankind.

My life was an active volcano of struggles and challenges as I lost my parent in laws to fatal diseases in the initial years of my married life. To add on to the miseries, I suffered three miscarriages. As they say - it never rains but always pours. Our work place caught catastrophic fire which ruined our entire business to ashes. My husband took to depression after a lot of sufferings whereas I stood like a rock support and helped him not only come out of his miseries but also stand against all odds and revamped our complete life. But ill fate struck again and I was trapped by quite an unknown and unfamiliar disease which dragged me to the ICU almost 5 to 6 times. There I realised I have to rise up again from my own ashes like a phoenix. With three D'S of my life Desire, Dedication and Determination I made a come back again. In 2019, I won an International Public Speaking Championship. Since then, I have never turned back, now I have my own organisation which caters to students from all parts of the globe.

I strongly believe that 99% is inside of you do not wait for the opportunities to knock on your door, create your own. Be you, your strong passion has strength to drive your desires. Believe in yourself, be your best version. Life is too small to cry for what you did not have and much big to achieve your dreams.

Dare to dream. Those who forget their dreams at the break of the day lose their identity, dream with open eyes and work towards making them true. For this, communicate, converse and confer

that is what The Talk Room is about.



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