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Don’t let your past determine your future - Nuzhat Kazi

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

They say, 'Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.' Well, rightly so we as women have the potential to change the world, all we need is just a little focus and dedication. I'm Nuzhat Kazi, a woman entrepreneur and this is my story. 

I grew up in the heart of Mumbai City - Bandra, a place that is known for its cultural diversity. Like every young city girl, I grew up in a loving family and was the apple of my parent's eye. I studied fashion designing and was on the brink of my career. That’s when I unfortunately fell into an abusive relationship. I was only 20 years and thus seemed to feel that I couldn’t to find my way out. This took an emotional toll on me and I was gradually sinking into depression. But thankfully with the help, support and understanding I received from my family and friends I was able to come out of it and focus on my career. I knew I wanted to do something great and make my mark in the work. I wanted to prove to people that 

That’s when; I started working with many luxurious fashion brands like Kenzo and Ermenegildo Zegna. I later went on the complete my Masters in Luxury and Lifestyle Management (MLLM) from Polimoda International Institute, Florence (Italy). After which I got an opportunity to work in Air charter space, in India with a company that provided private jet services. I soon realized that there wasn't much for me to learn there and that I was purely hired because of the elite clientele data that I had with me. So, that's when I thought of starting my own venture in aviation. Along with my colleague Amit Pardeshi, we started Czar Air - a premium luxury private jet and helicopter service provider. The road to the top wasn't easy. There have been many times when people tried taking advantage of me not because I was new to the industry but because I was a woman determined to make her mark in a man's world. There were times when I felt like everything was crumbling, nothing seemed to make sense to me and I often felt like a complete failure. But I’ve come out stronger than before and every time life threw a challenge in front of me, I faced it with a smile and worked my way to the top. I had a zeal and fire that burned within me to achieve success that I decided not to let scares of my past determine my future and that I would never quit trying even when I faltered and failed. Slowly and gradually my success graph improved and people started recognizing me for who I am. My mark in the industry started growing. I could see that my efforts have not gone in vain and that my business is flourishing well. 

It’s been 10 years today since I chose to face my fears and fight them. I have made a name for myself and an identity for my company, which is in its 5th successful year. Though I’ve achieved a lot in the past decade, I still have a long way to go to be the best among the rest and shine bright like a diamond in the sky. Having said that, I am in progress of launching a new product – Shudh Goli that is a disinfectant tablet for sanitation and cleaning properties. My main idea on creating Shudh Goli was to make sanitation and cleaning easy and economical in a world where everyone is battling a deadly pandemic. The most unique aspect of Shudh Goli is its multi-purpose usage. Through Shudh Goli, I plan on adopting the idea of ‘Make In India’ as the product is locally made by Indians for Indians, as well as trying to create a chain of employment especially now, in the current circumstances for those who’ve lost their jobs due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

I want my story to motivate every 20- year- old out there. That not all hope is lost no matter what the circumstances are. Changing one’s career path is not the end of the world. You need to believe in yourself and focus on your goal rather than what the world says. Moreover, you need to keeping doing what makes you happy, as that’s the only way to stay motivated. For if you can dream it you can definitely be it!



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