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Don't stop until you're proud! - Amya Madan

Life is never the way we imagine it to be. It paves its own path. However, the way it does so is really unique. The way it makes us jump from one corner to another is an adventure in its own way.

Growing up as a girl with a mind full of dreams and eyes full of imagination, I always wanted to learn new things and try new skills. Probably that was the reason that made me more creative and innovative in a way that I could apply my experience to solve different issues that arose. I started off my journey as an orator and a debater in the school, while holding a lot of positions of responsibility which made me a person of good confidence and helped me develop good communication skills. Being a person who was good in academics, people thought I can perform well and crack Medical entrances as well. So, I took Medical during my grade 11 with an aim to become a doctor. Studying after two years, I realized, it wasn’t my cup of tea. I salute the work that they do, but probably the kind of nature that I had I wasn’t well suited for it. Fortunately, I had scored well in my board exams so was able to manage to get admission in Psychology Hons in Delhi University. This was the phase of complete transformation in my life. The kind of knowledge I gained while studying psychology gave me an altogether perspective to look at people’s behavior and their opinions.

However, again after a year, I got deviated as Psychology interested me but I couldn't see myself building up a bright career in it probably because sitting down and understanding people’s thought process required a lot of patience. Again, I became clueless about what to pursue because this was something that I had chosen for myself a year back. When such dilemmas occur, not only in terms of our career choice but also in terms of personal issues, they leave us in a state of sleepless nights and a lot of confusion, especially when you are growing old, you have to make a lot of decisions on your own. And at the same time, one has to make sure that they are right too.

By chance, I participated in a B-plan competition which invoked my interest in the business and corporate world. This led me to look for career options in HR and Ob. However, as I mentioned, destiny paves its own path.

One day, just while enjoying one of my fests, I bumped into something very interesting called Graphology. Trust me I had no idea about it before that moment. But the way, that day, through my handwriting, my personality got reflected in front of me. I was left dumbfounded. I had no words to express how I felt at that particular moment. And that maybe was the biggest turning point in my life. I got interested in that unique blend of science and art. I became a Certified Handwriting and Signature analyst myself.

Practicing this skill over and over again on different people (friends, family and relatives) increased my confidence. I was grasping it gradually and perfecting the skill of handwriting and signature analysis. This led to the birth of ​Écrivons-You write, We Discover ​as a venture that aims at providing personality profiles to individuals based on their Handwriting and Signature analysis.

This venture has not only grown over these years, but has made me grow as a person along with it. I could see the change in my self-esteem and confidence which has improved with constant practice. And, now I feel, this has helped me land up in one of the best B-schools in India i.e Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune. As a student pursuing Innovation and Entrepreneurship, it has helped me to hone my creative skills and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

The journey is never easy, but the destination you reach, makes it worth cherishing. Even in my case, all these transitions and switches were never easy. Even I had to face a lot of questions from people around, but what stayed constant was my parent’s support and my determination which led me to smoothly sail through these storms. Whenever we feel, one door is closing, we must always remember, there is another one opening for us, all we need to do is to enter it on time. There is much better reserved for you that you might not desire at that moment but you definitely deserve. Things do fall into place eventually and if they do not, Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

And a small message to all the women out there and anybody reading this journey of mine, always remember: ​Don’t stop because you're tired, keep going because you are almost there!



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