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Dreams Have No Balance Sheet - Varnika Bhargava

“Pursue your passion, and everything else will fall into place. This is not being romantic. This is the highest order of pragmatism.”

People often claim that following your passion is stupid. But I’ve never heard anyone who said: “I wish had not followed my passion”. Because even if you fail, you get closer to what you were meant to do.

I came from a background where education, savings and a well settled job plays an important role. I’m an MBA graduate from GIMT, Noida. Staying away from my home since 2008 after 12th grade. I started my first job as an intern in background verification team and then I joined corporate and worked for good 5 years. Everyone including my family and I thought that my life is on right path.

In 2017, I got an offer from a travel company from Paris to host their travel show but due to some circumstances I was not able to join them. From the very that moment I decided to expand my horizons and left corporate.It was wonderful to start life all over again with full enthusiasm and energy. From my childhood days I always loved designing and styling the weddings and other events for my loved one’s but never thought to take it professionally. While exploring options after saying goodbye to my corporate life. Although, it was tough for me to convince my family for my decision of dropping my corporate life and struggle for my start-up but I soon started with my wedding and event planning company ”Creativeshowz”. It was going great in the first two years.

However, life decided to take me on a roller coaster ride. Few years down the line, the challenges of life started showing up one by one – no savings, less earing, no support system. They all started to drag me down. I realised that I can make a much larger impact by taking the road less travelled. I lifted myself up by doing some specializations in the industry and get certified as a Wedding Consultant (Bridal Consultant). I changed my company structure completely and give a new layout to the working system.

In Creativeshowz we follow 3 simple steps: Consult, Design & Style. Where I do the consulting with the couples and their family first about their preferences in the wedding and on the basis of that we do designing of themes and other wedding layout and finally styling or implementing them on the day of wedding.

This is just a beginning, there is a lot more to add on in the path of success.I believe that if you stay loyal to your heart, it will never do you wrong in the long-term. But if you betray your heart for short-term pleasure or comfort, it will devoid you of life’s ultimate gift.Don’t put a cap on your dreams. Letting go of the boundaries you enforced upon yourself will set you free to pursue the biggest dreams. Just remember “Dreams have no balance sheet”.



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