Follow your heart – Tanvi Sualy

Being born and raised in Mumbai surely had its own perks but we all have a story to tell and each one is unique in its own way. Since I was a kid, I have always had a great inclination towards fashion. Seeing my mom sew and dressing up my dolls made me want to pursue Fashion Designing. Not that I was bad as a student or didn't score well that I decided to take up that. So, there I was after my 12th grade giving my entrance exams for fashion colleges but didn't get through NIFT. I would have had to wait for a year for the next entrance, so I decided to go with SNDT (I was one of the 30 girls selected from 1000 candidates).

The course started and I was doing fairly well but then I flunked in one of my major subjects and was pushed back by 6 months. I wanted to give up. I thought that maybe I was not meant for this but then I gathered myself and thought about what I always wanted to be.

Three years passed by and I joined the future group as an intern. It was an amazing experience with so much learning and creativity. I also worked on zoom channel and styled celebrities but felt like I had no life because I had no time for myself. There was something missing. I used to work day in and day out and I couldn't deal with the working hours. But when I decided to freelance, there was no routine to my day, so I randomly decided to do a course called Ecced for being a teacher. I started enjoying it and used to look forward to it. While my friends were taking up jobs, I was still figuring out my passion.

After pursuing fashion designing and working in the industry, I made a career switch and became a pre-primary teacher and took a job for a very minimum salary. Teaching and interacting with young minds gave me a different high. I taught pre-primary for 10 years and worked as an admission counsellor. I love upgrading myself, so I try to take up courses every two years. I studied psychology a year ago. I am a trained jolly phonics and grammar teacher and a certified counsellor.

People thought I could earn better by doing a corporate job and said that I was overqualified for my job. I heard people say "Oh! You are just a teacher". Many people questioned my salary, but I had my family supporting me and standing by me so that I could do what I loved.

The next phase of my journey started in March 2019. I was in my comfort zone, so I thought of pushing myself. I had a secure job, fixed income, and fixed working hours. So, the question was whether to continue with my job or leave it and start something of my own. Path A was the easier one while path B was filled with uncertainties. With a leap of faith, I chose path B. This is How Happy People Co started.