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From being Manager to a Fresher - Priya Payal D Sharma

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

My Name is Priya payal Sharma! I am an HR by profession , Traveller by passion and a public speaker by chance.

I am also a proud founder of LinekedInlocal Kovai and PsquareS events along with this I am an Outreach partner for Startup India Association and a Soft skill trainer.

This is the story of my failure... Yes ! I failed to become a banker (which was my parents dream) but this failure has thought me something really interesting, that choose the work you love if not love the work you do . But my problem was that I never knew what I love.

So yeah! I am happy that failed, as this helped me to figure it out what I love . I realised that I wanted to be an Human Resource Person, a people's person only when I failed in my banking . So never be afraid of failure, because God has already a better plan for you !!

10 Years from now, when I completed my graduation and got placed in Bank .My family was super happy that they have a banker at home now! Everything was going good . I was doing great in my profession as an Banker being promoted every time to the next level and was now a Assistant Manager. As I stay some 800 km away from my parents they wanted me to come back home .So being a good girl, I started looking for change near to my hometown and luckily got one This time much bigger, much powerful - "Operation Manager " !! My parents ,siblings and surrounding everything seems to be happy. But not me ..I don't know why, why I was not satisfied. But I only knew the fact that I am not happy, not satisfied, not at the place where I wanted to be I did joined the new job as an " Operation Manager "...but I couldn't work as I don't found my happiness there

I still remember, It was not even not a month I completed in this new job . I came home post my work broke into tears , and finally told to my parents that this is not happening -"I wanna quit this job"

Reactions of my Parents - shocked, furious, worried and what not! Well ,that's not the point .

They point is they said "Okay " and there I was relieved and I did "Quit" that well paid job!

I struggled for a month or half to figure it out what I actually love but I failed again and again, everyday. As I was working continuously from so many years, I couldn't kill my time at home. One day while going through the's Notifiactions I saw this walking for fresher's at HCL. Taking this as an excuse to roam out friends, I went for a walking for fresher .

I still don no how I cleared the aptitude and the operational round but I still remember the conversation I had in final HR round with a good-looking HR person at my opposite. I did not pay attention to anything whatever he was saying except this line -" you will need to travel to Pune with immediate effect" and with no doubt I accepted the offer just because i wanted to travel to a new city :-)

Unfortunately , the official Pune trip was only for months and then I was back to my base location. and within a month I realised this is not happening. Again ! Now I realised that I am being paid very less , I am being treated as an fresher here and the most important thing is that I hate finance. Well , I know I was too late..but then I have grown up hearing this all my child hood " It's never too to chase your dreams " . Now I Knew that I love travelling and connecting with different people. I worked little hard ,started learning and finally got placed in HR , the job which I love . Now every Mondays seems to be exciting and I come home with happy face every night . Because now I do something which I love and which gives me a satisfaction . And my award of "Youngest HR Manager of the year 2019" and #LinkedInLocalKovai proves it all .

So never go behind something which only gives you a good pay and higher destination instead look for your own happiness and satisfaction. And do remember - "It's never too late to start again".



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