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From selling cars to cofounding Bizydale - Vrushali Pradhan

Everywoman has a story. They might have fought tooth and nail to reach out their dreams. Especially in India, born in a small town to a middle class family, growing up outspoken and aspiring to be independent is considered as cultureless. Presently, people talk about my spellbinding personality however there is a hard-won pain and hardships in the success journey.

I was born and brought up in Teosa, a small town in Maharashtra, in a Marathi family. With 2 siblings, I was the most outspoken, loved to speak from heart and was carefree. I loved to be independent, fly like a bird. However I was often labeled as careless, and being asked to follow the routine and behave as the other girls in the neighborhood. I had supportive parents who let me work in another city, become independent. I remember the days where I was being paid merely Rs 500 in an IT training center. I started my real professional journey as a sales girl in one of the car sales outlet at Nasik.

I married the love of my life who is a non-Marathi and belong to a different state, culture. I quit my job in Nagpur and came down to Bangalore just to marry him and be with him forever, although my parents didn’t approve it initially. Later after marriage, I and my life partner turned into business partners, are a successful couplepreneur now.

I remember the times when I quit my well paid job in one of the reputed companies and joined my husband Satyajeet Pradhan, who is the CEO of Bizydale into technology and digitalization. Being from a non-IT, it was one of the bravest and toughest things I could have done by taking up the responsibility of revenue generation of a pure tech company. It wasn’t an easy task! In the starting, it was a disaster! I visited companies, met several people however I failed to convince! I failed to sell!

Self-confidence, determination to succeed and the optimistic approach to deal with negativity, failures around made me stronger everyday. I am also blessed with a super talented and a best husband who has been my inspiration and motivational factor throughout. He mentors, coaches, motivates and helps me bring the best out of me. This is where the initial failures at Bizydale turned into my lessons of success! My undying perseverance, pulled many top business leaders and companies to associate with Bizydale for their tech and creative requirements. Now, Bizydale is an awarded and popular new-age technology firm with units like Bizydale Nets, Bizydale Studios and Autoconnekt.

I have been quite a performer throughout my career and have received great recommendations, feedbacks from well-known business leaders.

I believe we should not ask people to rate and validate us. “Do not allow others to label you based on your gender, family or culture. Be what you are, Try till you succeed, Struggle beyond your comfort zones, build you own identity!”



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