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From Struggle to Inspiration- Neeta Mehta

Born with golden spoon in Punjabi Family was not allowed to make my career as money was not problem. After I got married, this feeling of making my identity was troubling me from inside. In 2004 I met with an accident and got deaf. I was told that I had a genetic disorder due to which I have to be deaf whole of my life as there were 99% failure chances. 8 months full of silence, pain and a new horrible side of life was hugging me. Eventually my DR asked me if was ready to take risk, he would operate on me. I was confident enough to come back victorious and I said Yes. Finally I became first one in India to have Cochlear Implant with osteogenesis imperfecta The pain and journey of one year getting back to normalcy made me enter in the field to help others.. 

I joined my Dr team as counsellor to provide therapy to deaf kids after Implant. But I wanted to do something more. My motto is thatwe win life by staying happy; rather than crying over the situation. 

It was this motto which took me into NLP practice and then Freelance Master Life Coach. Being International certified Emotional Intelligence coach, my expertise is enabling people handling emotions perfectly.

The second jolt came again when I suffered from Depression after my mom’s death. It was again period of struggle but this time the struggle was not outward, Rather It was internal fight with my own self. And Yes I had to deal and come out victorious. In spite of Being an EI coach the battle was not, in the easy earlier stages I used to cry or sometimes just be numb or totally quiet, sometimes even suicidal. I had totally locked down myself inside my home not working or talking at all, but then applying my techniques, starting yoga and meditation, I used to slip off leaving regular practice then again pulling myself up finally self-love came out victorious

In 2014 started as NLP Practitioner working with people from depression and then counselling one client who was disabled. Side by side stepping up my certification Ladder and gaining more skills, I finally reached to a point being a Master Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Coach at present have worked with so many clients of different backgrounds and seen them flourishing and smiling back in Life. Apart from being a Trainer and Keynote Speaker, I am also the Author of an upcoming Book…

My Niche is mastery over your emotions

I was Honoured for my services to disabled by Organisation under Govt of India. Honoured as Coach by Egrowth.

You can know me more through my website

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Sep 26, 2021

Nice postt

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