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It Just Took Double the Effort- Anchal Andrews

It did not take me long, it just took double the effort. I am Anchal Andrews, Founder & CEO at SkillMaker Consultancy plus the Senior Director - HR & Operations at Sakshi the NGO. My journey began when I turned 16. Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, the condition in which many cant even be clerks and some with the privilege of making it somewhere, just as this disorder offered me a streak of a high standard for creativity.

Initially I hadn’t a clue of what was going on and how this would impact me. I needed to rescue myself from the sheer visibility of it all. I felt isolated and that no one could ever identify with me at that level. It took me a few years and I came out of this victorious, I had to work on myself, make myself conscious of what I thought and felt. I had to watch my behaviour closely and I am proud to say that I came out of my own apprehensions successfully.  

Even though I was stabilizing health at that tender age, I still managed to get a distinction when graduating with a Diploma from Earl Haig High School in Canada. Battling with my health, I took a deferral at Saint Francis Xavier University after my second year of College, and then 10 years later received a Scholarship to study a Master of Science in Strategic Human Resource Management from University of Roehampton in the UK.

Along the way, I was in and out of episodes more than a few times, but I never gave up, I moved forward with double the effort the average person would need to least to meet my standard of execution for every passion I engaged with.

15 years of work experience in Dubai, a published book called 'Beyond Frontline Excellence' by Partridge a Penguin Random House Company, the Senior Director HR & Operations at Sakshi running PAN India Operations along with the able vision of the Executive Director - Smita Bharti, Finalist for the Stars of Business Awards in the Middle East, a bag full of articles and being interviewed - I am humbled and honoured to be where I am despite such tough circumstances.

I have created opportunities and converted challenges to success stories. I am a learning Leader everyday. Currently I am a part of The Rakshin Project By Sakshi - to #StopChildSexualAbuse and creating an environment of prevention.

It took healthy self doubt in the right areas, belief in the right things, persistence and determination to get here. I am indebted to all the Leaders that taught me and mentored me along the way. I am not cured, but I am self motivated and empowered executing ten fold than ever before.



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