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Journey of Even over Odds- Tanya Bakshi

I was 19 years of age, when I started Youniverse and today I am 21 and Youniverse is 1.5 years of sheer dedication on positive psycology, multiple random acts of kindness challenges done across the globe, Happiness workshops and fulfilling gratitude sundays.

Talking about odds, never came negatively to me. When I look back, I see my obstacles as rocks that I had to align to start something of this magnitude and I urge most women to think like that - no matter what and look at things in such a manner where everything is somehow rigged in your favour. Optimism is the only key!

My odds were a little different from most entrpreneurs I knew, I was 19 and studying medicine, finishing and learning with other internships, understanding my passion and purpose, and most importantly finding myself and who I was at that mere age of 19. Luckily, as we connected with the youth further- I started my journey as a speaker in multiple workshops on various interesting topics affecting the society.

But, as much as we suceeded in those. I also felt like the society needed something bigger and more promising that helps the society with self - development and need of happiness- and that's when youniverse happened.

Throughout the journey, there were little rocks that I needed to align, high barriers that I needed to jump, development paths that I had to power through.

I remember hearing a lot from people about how I shouldn't do it, how it's a waste of time and energy, don't jump in, don't stear away from the normal path.

Looking back, I feel most obstacles are created by the society and how we try to remain within it. There is fear and a lot of power that we give to other people and their opinions- which is the main problem. Yours is the only opinion that matters with what you do in life.

I also remember being the only woman in the registration office, and that day I was like this is so out of my comfort zone and so many others needed to know that if I can pull through uncertainity and millions of doubts- so can you.

I remember at the launch of Youniverse, I promised myself to power over doubts, and I arranged everything by myself, from the posters, to the visuals, speech, food and other arrangements. I remember there was no giving up, despite the little rocks that were in my way.

There were a few instances where I felt like it was hard, when I felt be-littled by men I knew for sharing my idea. I felt like everyone had such a sterotypical idea about positive mental health or women in work fields because they did not see women being respected the same way as men all throughout their life and that's what stayed with them. It fills me with so much curiousity to still receive opinions from men in the workfield about how certain things can't be done - because they haven't tried or done it.

I've learnt a lot through this. But the most important lesson that i've learnt and urge you all to follow through is-

"People will push their perspectives, failures and insecurities on you. Regardless, it's yours and only your responsibility to change your dreams into reality."

-Tanya Bakshi

Positive Mental Health Speaker and Founder at Team Youniverse



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