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Keep hustling, until you achieve! - Nancy Misra

Hello, my name is Nancy Misra, popularly known as “The Cynosure Girl” (YouTube & Instagram). I was born in a small town called Varanasi. By Profession, I'm an Entrepreneur, Blogger, YouTuber, and Influencer.

I’m really fond of doing online businesses. I help people in learning and creating their career so that they can become financially free and can enjoy their rest of life.

But no, I do not compromise on the hard work. It’s true that you should enjoy your life but before that you need to hustle.

I had always been an intellectual person. Usually, in India, parents support and want their children to incline towards studies only, which is not wrong. This happened to me as well. I was a bright student in my school till class 10th. But after that I started losing interest in studies (I don't know the reason) maybe because there is a lot of pressure and competition.

I started preparing for my medical examination. And guess what, I failed! After that, I joined a decent college, and decided to complete my graduation. I was pursuing Biotechnology in college. I didn't realise that I was interested in Business & Entrepreneurship. I realised this when I decided to prepare for another competitive exam, and this time it was CAT (for MBAs). But suddenly, after preparing for 2-3 months, I somehow found out that it's not for me. Then what? I left it. I was depressed. "What I'm doing with my career? Am I just playing with my future and going nowhere?" were questions that frequently came to my mind.

One day, one of my close friends said, "if you can't do an MBA, then why not start your own business?". I got irritated because starting a business required a lot of money, time, and effort.

However, I started listening to big entrepreneurs' stories on YouTube; how did they begin their journey? Is money a fundamental need to create any business? I realised that you don't require money to start any business; you need your passion and a good idea.

So, yeah, I can say that I found my passion with my friend Abhishek who always supported me in my journey. We started thinking about business ideas. One of our ideas was to start a business, which was like we aggregate with the local coaching institutes and develop an app where students can find the best one according to their preference. At that time, I had no idea about the cost of developing an app or funding. And guess what, I failed again. I can't say I failed; I just dropped this idea of creating this kind of app and business because I found that nobody requires this.

I tried again and got some more ideas. I started implementing some of them because I had a limited budget and was still in college. I realised that if you want to start a business, then you need a skill that would be valuable to others. I started researching, and then I came across something called "Digital Marketing" and how people learn this skill and earn handsome money.

I was determined to learn this skill at any cost. I again started listening to YouTubers, but this time I also implemented whatever I was learning. I started seeing results. Then I started my Instagram Page @TheCynosureGirl, which is all about Business & Entrepreneurship. I started working on my page very passionately because I knew that I wanted to do. From there, my friend Abhishek Tripathi and I began this Digital Marketing company ProWorkly.

My overall experience from this is that I have tried achieving success in many fields but I always failed. The one thing that encouraged me to never stop trying is my passion towards becoming independent. So, I suggest people find out that one particular thing that gives them a kick to do something extraordinary in life. Because I don't believe that by doing only one course and seeing videos of other people, you can achieve success. You cannot find your passion until you start implementing things independently.

I always believe in implementing things like I recently felt that I should start a blog because so many people on my Instagram page are consistently asking me business-related questions.

That's why I decided to start a blog, which is "My Business Route," where I share all things related to online business and how you can begin to start your business.

So, last but not least, the golden rule is to follow your passion, whatever you like doing, and most importantly, be happy wherever you are. Don't be hungry for money, be hungry for skills.

The more skills you learn, the more money you will earn. It was my biggest mistake that I always regret, not about failing, not about trying; I always thought about making money, not skills.

So, I suggest to other women that please don't be afraid of trying and failing even 100s of times. Just try to acquire as many skills as you can.

Keep Hustling, until you achieve!



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