Murdering Mediocrity To Playing It Full-Shilpa Kulshrestha

As part of the Corporate world for 16 years, I worked with the top consultancies in India.

Always loved by my managers, colleagues and friends, I was known for my Midas touch. It seemed that every project, every client, every person that I touched turned into gold.

In 2009, I decided to expand my horizons and shift to Australia.

Though I missed my family and home in India, it was wonderful to start life all over again in the beautiful land of Australia. I soon started working for a top bank in Sydney.

However, life decided to take me on a roller coaster ride. Few years down the line, the challenges of life started showing up one by one- kids, multi-tasking, conflicting priorities in a land with no support system. They all started to drag me down.

As the monster of work-life balance roared loud in the corporate workplaces, gobbling up excellence for many, I found myself caught in the average game.

While implementing a crucial Target Operating Model, my company went through a restructure and as a result of my own model, my position became redundant.

I decided to pause; to reflect and evaluate where I was going and this time, I decided to create a pivot in my life.

It enabled me to bounce back with such intensity that I found herself at the peak again- this time much higher than I ever was.