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Murdering Mediocrity To Playing It Full-Shilpa Kulshrestha

As part of the Corporate world for 16 years, I worked with the top consultancies in India.

Always loved by my managers, colleagues and friends, I was known for my Midas touch. It seemed that every project, every client, every person that I touched turned into gold.

In 2009, I decided to expand my horizons and shift to Australia.

Though I missed my family and home in India, it was wonderful to start life all over again in the beautiful land of Australia. I soon started working for a top bank in Sydney.

However, life decided to take me on a roller coaster ride. Few years down the line, the challenges of life started showing up one by one- kids, multi-tasking, conflicting priorities in a land with no support system. They all started to drag me down.

As the monster of work-life balance roared loud in the corporate workplaces, gobbling up excellence for many, I found myself caught in the average game.

While implementing a crucial Target Operating Model, my company went through a restructure and as a result of my own model, my position became redundant.

I decided to pause; to reflect and evaluate where I was going and this time, I decided to create a pivot in my life.

It enabled me to bounce back with such intensity that I found herself at the peak again- this time much higher than I ever was.

I realised that I can make a much larger impact by taking the road less travelled.

I bade goodbye to my corporate life.

As a Career Strategist, Peak Performance Coach and Bestselling Author of the book “Play it Full”, I believe that you can attain incredible results in all three aspects of life- Achievements, Health and Relationships. You can have it all!

After all, each human being is born to stand tall and be healthy, wealthy in mind, body and spirit.

My clients are spread over 8 countries and are performing at an elevated level, creating outstanding results for themselves.

I am on a mission to impact 1 million Indians across the globe, move from the role of a creation to a creator.

I am on a war against this average game.

I firmly believe in excellence and by murdering mediocrity at the roots, it will create a ripple effect, which in turn will create an exceptional world for all of us!



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