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My Quest as a Painter

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Creativity needs inspiration ....

An artist needs to be driven to create something beautiful.

I made my first Madhubani Painting 24 years ago. I had seen this attractive colourful piece hung on the wall of my neighbour’s house and felt something enticed me towards it. It was a painting of Krishna killing the demon Bakasura.

The colours and style lured me to start painting a similar one. I was appreciated by many for that first painting.

But then I got very busy as my kids came in my life and there was no me time, so the art got forgotten.

As the kids grew up and tensions in life increased, I needed something to overcome that stress, I needed something to divert my mind from some people and problems.

Being a very positive person by nature, I started analysing myself and my life and I made a list of things that I had always wanted to do.

The first thing was learning kathak dance and performing on stage atleast once in my life.

So I started learning it and did a stage performance too. But due to some personal reasons could not carry on with it.

Second thing was painting and my hand was good. So, I finally started painting again in 2015 .

The bright colours and intricate designs of madhubani art always intrigued me and I got addicted to this form of art. I made one painting after the other and the encouragement I got from friends and family kept inspiring me to go further.

After I had collected a good number of around 10 to 12 paintings, a friend suggested and encouraged the creation of my facebook page Shalin’s world . The creation of this page was a boost to my self confidence and it inspired me to paint to my heart’s content .

After seeing my work online many people appreciated me. People started asking me for my paintings. It gave me immense pleasure and I started gifting my work to friends.

When I paint, it relieves me of all my tensions.

Painting is meditation for me. The brightness of colours on paper turning into beautiful pieces of art gives me happiness that cannot be expressed in words. When I paint , I transit into my own world which has people and things that are close to my heart .

After having painted more than 50 paintings came another milestone , I finally exhibited my paintings at a fair. People saw my work and the appreciation I got from unknown people personally was amazing.

Being a self learnt artist , I still keep looking out for workshops for myself too.

From a no one to the one who paints beautiful madhubani paintings, this recognition of my self through my art and talent has made my life worth living for.

The quest is not yet over.

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