Overcoming self-doubts is the key to success - Shreya Govind

Hi! I am Shreya. I was born in well to do and highly educated family in Bihar where education was of paramount importance. I was a good student and excelled in my studies throughout my schooling days and graduated with Hons. In Political Science from prestigious Miranda House college, Delhi University. I then pursued my PG in Management and specialised in Human Resource Management with distinction. I chose HR since I always had a keen interest in people matters and had leanings towards Training & Development. I continued excelling in my professional life and played many important and leadership HR roles in reputed organisations of varied size and industries like WNS, MPC, UBQ Technologies. However, I also simultaneously harboured a strong passion for attaining a PhD degree and then embark upon an entrepreneurial journey in the area of skill development to become a change agent for many lives across the various strata of the society. It was my passion and single-minded focus that led me to successfully pursue and attain both my dreams even when I was continuously juggling between my home and work responsibilities.

I successfully transitioned from a fruitful corporate life to a demanding entrepreneurship journey in 2016 - just a year and half after giving birth to my second child. I also utilised my brief maternity related break to fulfil most of my doctoral thesis requirements and getting trained on becoming a professional trainer from IATD.

I took baby steps in the world of skill development in late 2016 and soon found a firm footing and thereafter, never had to look back. One prestigious assignment led to other and soon I had an impressive repertoire of clients across IT, BFSI, Retail, Manufacturing industries. This journey has been riddled with many challenges but I would like to talk about two of them which will resonate well with my peers-

I came across the first one was when I decided to move away from a safe corporate HR profile to a riskier and more challenging option of a freelance Corporate Trainer right after the birth of my second child. It was a time of complete change or rather revamp I would say on all fronts.