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People inspire you or they drain you: pick them wisely - Nisha Pal

I am Nisha Pal, born and brought up in Delhi. I am pursuing my final year from Ramanujan College, Delhi University. I am a vice president at my college society and am current working as a core team member (Project lead manager) in a Startup Called Quantel. I love to dance and am working towards a better version of myself. I have been a kid who was good at understanding things in terms of academics but never scored more than average. I have always been a cheerful person who was loved and appreciated by everyone except, perhaps, my school and teachers, they only focused on the students who scored well. There was a time, when a teacher chose me to represent our school in a competition. I was so happy and excited but was saddened later, when my class teacher intervened and selected another student, just because her marks were better than mine. Indeed, the teacher who suggested my name showed trust in me but my class teacher did not and unfortunately, I lost the opportunity.

I got so broken at that time because everyone was talking about the incident behind my back and laughing. I decided not to participate in any competition at all. I felt extremely demotivated at that time and didn't engage in any activity thereon. I was good at dance but still, I didn't participate in any event in my school due to the fear that I will lose the opportunity again and will have to face negative people. Then my mom told me that we should always love ourselves and focus on the people who love and trust us, and not expect everyone to love or support us. Just make people who are showing trust in us proud. Those were the words that hit me hard. I decided not to think about others and work on my inner growth, and stop allowing things that lie outside my circle of control affect me.

I was ready to explore my college life. I had a blank canvas and a chance to paint my life how I always wanted to. When my college life began I was confident that I would grab whatever opportunities that I had missed in school. DU is famous for their societies and extra-curricular activities and I was very much excited to be a part of them. One day there was an announcement for the audition of the dance society. I was excited to join but you know, old habits die hard. I started thinking whether I would be able to make it or not, what the level of competition would be etc. But, I am glad to tell you that I met the BEST PEOPLE of my life. They encouraged me to give the audition. I gave the audition and got selected! That was a turning point for me and from thereon, I have never looked back and have tried each and every opportunity. I joined our departmental society Educen and met really good seniors and became Ms. fresher of my Department. This gave me more confidence.

Now I am in my final year of college and I am the Vice President of my society. It gives me a lot of opportunities and good friends. In this pandemic I got a chance to work with a startup called Quantel. I am amazed by the work they are doing for students. Currently, I am working as a core team member with them. I have a great and supportive mentor. I founder people who have faith in me and love me. That is what matters.

Message to all those who are reading my story- "People would always have something negative to say; their job itself is to speak. Don't waste your time thinking about negative people, focus on those who believe in you and support you. Surround yourself with people who are good for your mental health. It's just a small achievement of mine many more to go:)



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