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Persist to Resist- Priya Gupta

It has been very rightly said; The one’s that never give up, are arguably the only ones that do. Where tough times cease to exist, tough souls still intend to persist. 01.03.2018, a day I would call as an abysmal phase in my life, which as you saunter about reading these lines, furthermore, will believe it to be nothing but death.

But as you gulp on, in an irrefutable belief of this recapitulation to be a doleful story – let me take you back in time, 2 decades ago.

13.11.1997, an extremely euphoric night for every family in the world, the birth of their child. A birth in this yet misunderstood and yet mistreated world of females. I believe to have been born with a pure soul, a raw heart, and a mind indefatigable.

Popularly known as the young social entrepreneur, I have been a well-deserved achiever starting from an extremely young age and have been constantly determined to defy all anomalies and work towards a life of prosperity and character. Brought up in a loving family with 2 elder brothers - despite of being the youngest one, I have always been the only one in the family to be the most mature. From taking important decisions in the family, to solving heated arguments, I have always sought to take everyone together, be it my family – or the world around.

Growing up, I started finding the right mix between studies, sports and extra-curricular activities, with the grit to ace whatever comes forth. Extremely passionate about fitness and dancing, I found belly dancing to be my new favorite hobby. Other than that, I love to cook, sing and play basketball in my free time. A keen observer about the world around, I typically performed well in most of my subjects, helping myself become the school topper for 3 consecutive years. All this made me a bright chap, thereafter, leading towards earning multiple awards including being felicitated with awards from Bollywood celebrities like Govindaand Zareen khan.I have always moved forward irrespective of anything even during my school days, despite of receiving criticizing comments from teachers about never being able to do anything in life.

Graduating from high school with flying colors, I went on to pursue my Bachelor of Commerce from a very reputable college of the Delhi University. Getting to know about the world even better and the will to yearn for more and more in life, I started my own coaching institute in the second year, taking classes from 8th- 12th. Throughout the course of this self-made business, I went on to ignite several minds and inspire multiple souls, not just my students but my brothers too. One such example has been of my elder brother, who has become an accomplished Chartered Accountant. Wherein I had been spending hours making constant notes during his final exams just for him to study smartly and clear his exams and grow out to be a well-established professional. After all, that is the main motive I have been living by – “Grow by growing others.”

I ended my beautiful college life with a decent score, even after having secured multiple diplomas in parallel including one in German Proficiency and another in Corporate Communications, to name a few.

Without doubt, maturity is never defined by a person’s age. What makes a person mature is nothing but experiences, in forms of criticisms, failures combined with a never give up mindset. I believe to not only have grown up on similar challenging tracks but have ripped apart laurels even after having gone through a fighting for life phase during the peak of my career.

Life is not always beautiful. It becomes hard at times, and even hardest when the unexpected becomes a reality and you are given the option to either accept your fate and drown or raise your hand and thrive to survive.

Soon after my graduation, I started battling for my life after having realized that a normal pain in my lower back turned out to be nothing but a deadly tumor. Soon, was hospitalized with my parents praying for nothing but my life from the almighty. Months passed and the pain only grew. It started growing to such an excruciating extent, I had no other option left but to go through surgery.

The tumor had grown to half the size of a regular sized ruler. The pain I had went through can only be sympathized for. Empathy is something no person will ever be able to give, as I went through that agonizing storm unaccompanied.

Well, no matter how dark and long a tunnel is, there is always a ray of light and hope at the end if one is strong and willing enough to walk all the way till the end.

I did it. The never give up attitude, determination and will to survive through everything no matter what the circumstance is made me go through this burning hell as well, after months I was ready to stand up and walk. I trembled at once, but that was only physical. The mental state was, as always, ready. Ready to go out and be the champion I was determined to be.

Looking back at whatever, I had gone through, decided to climb the ladder of life once again and started my own NGO – Sarvpriye Foundation. Dedicated towards not just women empowerment and awareness, but established with an aim to nurture, grow and develop each and every woman in this country into a self-sustaining, independent warrior with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Sarvpriye Foundation launched multiple campaigns PAN India and even pledged to educate the girl child. The progress in the nascent step was slow, but it was progress. I am now successfully running a new branch of the NGO named “Sakhi”. Sakhi is a community that is being built to foster women entrepreneurship all over India. A community that will provide 360-degree help to women from all walks of life in the society. In a recent turn of events, I was even called by HUII, 2020 (Mumbai) and HPAIR, 2020(Harvard University) to represent the idea in front of bright minds and represent my NGO and my dream.

My passion for public speaking and honing skills led towards various calls from organizations and institutions to speak on the rising issues regarding women in the society. I started getting honored with multiple awards and glories from multiple institutions, but this was not at all the reward I was looking for, this was just a by-product. The main reward was a smile on faces of several individuals in whose life I could enable an initiative and make a difference that mattered. I am now called for various events and podcasts to be interviewed so that my story can reach out to millions for inspiration.

I am currently working as a project assistant at the FITT wing of IIT Delhi after leaving my previous big 4 employee, KPMG. Alongside this, in whatever time I get, I am working towards making this world a better place for everyone. Life was hard for me. I still go through hundreds of hurdles in everyday life. But I never fail to keep stepping forward and thriving in life.

What happened 2 decades ago, was a euphoric moment for not just an Indian family, but a euphoric moment for several. What happened during that horrific phase was nothing but an inspiration that if you have the will to do it, nothing can stop you from achieving what you want. I am just another example of several people who came back into life after falling down and started running again without thinking for even once about their broken knee. So, can you be. Don’t hesitate, just do it. Never give up.

The one’s that never give up, are arguably the only ones that do. Where tough times cease to exist, tough souls still intend to persist.



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