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“Sometimes, all we need is a catalyst" - Neha Chawla

“Sometimes, all we need is a catalyst to change. Change your life, change other’s life and maybe change the world”

I hail from the state of Jharkhand (Jamshedpur city) and have closely seen the ups & down’s of adolescent girls, underprivileged women striving hard everyday to create a better environment for themselves. My aunt used to run a not profit in the village of Muri and was taking care of nurturing 40 adolescent girls with the help of village Sarpanch and philanthropists (There was no concept of fund raising at that time) I used to accompany her for her classes and have seen the immense fervor and helplessness of this age group striving to be part of the main stream.

With a fervour to prove myself academically, I took up graduation from Delhi University (DaulatRam College) & Masters in HR from Amity Business School.

I have worked in different gamuts of HR and marketing in IT, Startups and Nonprofits. During my stay in United States, I took up writing. I am a passionate writer, two of my books have got published so far and an influential blogger for women oriented platforms like Women’s Web, She The People, Times Of Amma, Inkspire etc. Apart from my corporate job, I used to conduct awareness programs every weekends for many NGOs and foundations promoting psychological empowerment and gender equality.

During Lockdown, when I was stuck in my hometown, I saw the plight of migrants and small NGOs not being able to reach out on Social media for help. I helped them gain visibility on social media through a platform called NGOStory & created a network on philanthropists. NGOStory is a platform to share stories and challenges of small NGOs thereby helping them grow

This lockdown, NGOStory helped more than 400k families receive Hygiene & Grocery kits. We aim to partner with 100 NGOs before the end of 2021 and focus on strengthening the small NGOs who need visibility & support.



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