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Start loving your flaws and wait for the world to fall in love with you - Sonia Rathore

A woman’s life is not an easy path!

Since time immemorial, women have been burdened with responsibilities and duties. As a result, many women seem to lose their voice and independence. I am a woman too and I know the plights which females have to go through!

That is when I decided to let out my story about my journey and the quest of gaining my identity rather than just gaining a title after marriage.

I was born in an orthodox family in Rajasthan where women were not allowed to make their own decisions, whether it was a dress or a hobby, everything was chosen by her husband and in-laws. My mother who is my biggest support, refused to let me be pinned up to the old customs, traditions and motivated me to fight for my own rights.

I studied in eastern India, moved on to Mumbai, and later on Bangalore for my higher studies. The biggest challenge I started facing when I was around 13 years old. I faced a lot of discrimination because of my outspoken nature. My peers complained about me stating that I was too talkative and women were not supposed to raise their voices. 

At the age of 17, I decided to quit my comfort zone and build my identity. I was lucky due to the scholarship I received and that is how I managed to pursue my graduation. My field of study was based on medico-legal cases and let me tell you, being a girl it was not an easy task to deal with criminals during my training period because it is a male dominated world. With great difficulty, I managed to pursue my graduation and post-graduation.

I never choose to depend on my parents, so I started working at the age of 21 years. Being in the healthcare sector, I was very unaware of the harsh realities of people. My last two jobs were complete failures due to my managers. I faced a lot of harassment both mentally and verbally because I rejected to yield to their wishes. 

After facing numerous health issues, in the month of May 2018, I decided to put an end to all these tortures and live for myself. I applied for a short course in Madrid, Spain, and as luck would have it, I got selected in it due to my previous travel exposure as an international volunteer all over Asia. I moved there, recharged my batteries, came back, and decided to start my own hustle. 

Today I am a major contributor to many public platforms that support women and writers (since I am a writer myself), a founder of Joy Intuitors, a content services company, and a successful author. 

My message to all those who are reading my story is – Never let anybody stomp your dignity and walk away. If you want people to respect you, you need to value yourself because you are precious. Stay strong, never lose hope, and never regret who you are. Keep working on your weaknesses and someday you will surely reach the pinnacle of success.      



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