The bravest thing I ever did was choose to live - Priyanka Sarmacharjee

Updated: Mar 30

It has been well said that strong women are not born. They are made by the storms that they walk through. My name is Priyanka Sarmacharjee, Founder and CEO of FeelPretty. I am not only an Entrepreneur but also Pro Makeup Artist and Educator and travel globally for my work. My company named Feelpretty deals both with makeup services and makeup products pan India.

I have completed my HSLC, B. Com and MBA. I also have master’s degree in Kathak and Rabindra Dance.

I started my journey in a small town in Assam named Karimganj. I had the courage to dream of being an artist and being popular someday. I wanted to study interior designing but a so-called best friend of mine who always pretended to be the best but never did anything good for me, intentionally suggested me to not opt for interior designing. At first, I did not listen to his suggestion because I really wanted to pursue interior designing. Later, he told my father, “I will make you talk to one of our faculty members who told me that there is not much scope in interior designing. Let Priyanka study or B.C.A”. He probably regarded me as competition.

My parents gave it a thought. They did not see a point in me pursuing studies which would not help me build a career in my native town. So, my father asked me to study something else as there was not much scope of a job in interior designing back in my native town. So, unwillingly, I opted for After struggling to keep up with my studies in the 1st semester, I thought that I should give up as I was trying to do something I didn’t like!