Turned Obstacles into Opportunities- A Talk with Sunita Biddu

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Could you please introduce yourself?

I am another ordinary girl next door, with unusual dreams and wishes of working less, making more money, traveling around the world, tasting different foods and knowing cultures. This led me to become an internationally renowned Social Media advisor, keynote speaker and Power blogging business coach and am helping entrepreneurs and professionals create a profitable and powerful brand.

What was one of the biggest challenges you faced?

The biggest challenge was becoming a business owner without any business background, help or guidance. I belong to a conservative family with mostly service professionals where people find government jobs as the safest and ultimate aim of one's life. Me choosing business was a radical choice that no one supported. So, dealing with all business odds and societal resistance was a major challenge. Having no financial support when I moved to Delhi alone in 2003 to work on my dreams became another challenge.

I took 4 major decisions and they helped.

1. To sort my finances, I worked as a digital marketing and content consultant with flexible hours for 1 year and at night, I would do freelance as a strategist. I was fortunate to work with an amazing team of business owners and the job gave me ample time to learn and research the industry.

2. I decided to live a frugal and minimal lifestyle and saved 40% of my earnings for my future business experiments and investments.

3. I literally worked 16-20 hours a day in the first 2 years of my journey. This investment of time and commitment made me achieve a working life balance of working 1 hour a day and yet make 6-7 figure income every month.

4. I started building my personal brand online with a blog, website, social media presence from day 1. And this made me win over my competition at ease.