When the Inspiring Mind of One Became the Aspiring Minds of Many- Aakanksha Srivastava

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Hi myself Aakanksha Srivastava, the founder of #SheInBusiness and co-founder of #TheAspiringCEO. I believe that women are already empowered, it's just they need to realize it.

I am here and you're reading this story of mine because I chose to feel empowered, and when you feel empowered your actions become the same.

I shall start my story from my childhood. My life was quite good as my father had a business. We lived a very normal middle-class lifestyle. We were the people who believed in “Finding happiness in small things”, but suddenly things got changed with a blink of an eye.

How would it feel when you are dragged out of the class in between the exam, in front of all other students, just because your school fee is not deposited?

Yes, this happened to me! I was in my 7th standard. Being the youngest among the 4 siblings I wasn’t always a priority. An innocent mind didn’t know that money is required for studies. I think it was the first inner call and motivation. But anyways all this happened as my father encountered a massive loss in business.

 What could a child do after all this?

Share my feelings with my mother? But this was even not possible because I had lost my mother at a very early age and here, the first stage of being strong alone started.

 Dreams are the first thing which disappear when you go into a financial crisis. I wanted to be a singer but the dream died inside me. I started working in a small printing shop as a cashier on small monthly wages to support the family. Now imagine a 15-year-old girl who should logically plan her dreams and enjoy life was now bounded by the circumstances to do a time-restricted job.

While working there, the daughter of my rent owner tried very hard for me so that I can get a job of a receptionist in an Indian matrimony site named “Shaadi.com”. It was difficult as I was underage but my intentions were clear. I wanted to earn money and finally, I got a good pay job.

 Again, I was so fortunate and because of one of the customers of shaadi.com, I got the job of a marketing executive in a brand “TATA-DOCOMO”.