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An unforeseen excursion – Rakshita Mehra

Dreams do come true! Finding the road to achieve your dreams, missions, goals, and

aspirations is an epic journey on its own. Having said that, my journey is no less than a

roller coaster ride. Well, I call it my Nutri journey!

Greetings everyone, I am Rakshita Mehra, a Dietitian, a Nutritionist and a Food Safety

Supervisor. I am the Founder of Nutrishala – Paathshala Of Nutrition, a healthcare

company. My journey has always been unpredictable because opportunities and

achievements have entered my life in their own beautiful and unexpected ways.

Six years ago, I used to be a studious and shy girl in the class. I aimed to become a doctor since childhood. So, I opted for science stream in class eleventh. Simultaneously, I also enrolled myself in an institute to get additional sources of preparation in academics in order to clear medical entrance exams. I tried my best at both my school and institute but suddenly there was a dramatic shift in my interest. I realised that MBBS isn’t my cup of tea. Eventually, I started taking a back seat from my studies and as a result, I scored unexpectedly in my twelfth standard.

Gradually, everyone started having lower expectations from me. I used to think a lot about

other options for career. I came up with the decision of becoming a dentist and my

parents supported me in that decision. They also got ready to admit me in the college

offering that course but during the final stage of admission, I backed off from that

decision as well.

I finally landed myself getting admitted in Lady Irwin College, Delhi University because I

was advised by one of my friends to go in a Home Science course and pursue a career

in Food and Nutrition. This was a turning point of my life because I had never heard

about Home Science before and when I started attending classes of Lady Irwin College,

I realized that this was exactly what I was looking for. With time, Nutrition became my


I gained more knowledge and confidence and applied for internship in Safdarjung hospital and those were memorable days giving me intense ground exposure of how a dietitians and nutritionists work with patients. I was the youngest intern there but I always kept my knowledge at par with others. I used to get lots of blessings from patients and that used to be the happiest moment of my day. I learnt a lot from my internship which elevated my enthusiasm and confidence.

After completing my internship, I decided to open my Health and Wellness website on

Instagram namely, Nutrishala. I was very consistent right from the beginning. During the pandemic, I started devoting a good amount of time towards Nutrishala and related opportunities like conducting webinars and workshops, completing the course of Food Safety Supervisor and collaborating with brands. Hence, Nutrishala was at the pinnacle of its success. Things went smoothly and I got admission in Masters in Food and Nutrition.

A plethora of opportunities related to Nutrition were knocking at my door. In 2020, there were some ups and downs in my life and I faced those situations, in my own way, by being silent and introverted. I started expressing my thoughts by writing poems and articles. I wanted

everyone to read my articles so I endeavoured a lot to publish my articles in a

newspaper but nothing happened. Then, out of nowhere, a magazine publisher contacted me

and finally on 12th of January, 2021 my first publication came in a Travel magazine and

from then on, the ride of my roller coaster became extraordinary. After that, my article

got published in Dainik Savera Times and then in The Hindustan Times. One of my

poems has also been published in a book to be out soon.

I have worked really hard to see these beautiful days of my life. I have always shown

faith in myself and in my decisions. Despite my failures, I never gave up and always stood with more power and trust in myself. I am grateful that I have my family, a bunch of friends and cousins who are making my journey joyful. I want to become an inspiration for women. One must never stop dreaming. A lower grade in twelth cannot stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Just focus on building your dream empire. If I can do it, you can do it too!



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