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Women write their own stories - Devishi Sabharwal

Sit like a lady, talk like a lady, walk like a lady, and the list goes on. I'm sure you've heard these

statements more than a few times. Well, my initiative is all around these societal norms and how women call out these biased statements through their journey. But let me first tell you a little about myself.

I'm Devishi Sabharwal and I am a 20-year-old podcaster. How did I end up launching a podcast in my final year of graduation, more importantly, why did I do so? Keep reading and I’d love to take you through this little journey.

Since childhood, I was always someone who loved taking up multiple extra-curriculars, from singing to sports to compering events at school. After entering college, the list just kept growing. However things became rather dull after just one year of my college life in 2020 (we all know why.) During the pandemic, I happened to discover the podcasting industry. I started my next creative project which was perfect to take up in a virtual mode: podcasting. I was extremely excited to host conversations and build something of my own from scratch. Online college classes surely helped me to devote the time.

After some thought, I decided to pick a niche for my podcast that was very close to me - the personal & professional journey of Indian women and how they defy the gender norms that continue to exist in our society. I felt this was a topic connected with everyone on some level, be it a woman running a household or a company. For that matter, even men who would have maybe never given that much thought to all that women stand up to.

So, I started figuring out the technical aspects to launch a podcast around this topic and made a list of some extremely inspiring women I knew (having no clue whether they would even be interested) and aspired to host on my podcast. After a few months of backend work, extensive planning and wonderful responses from my first set of guests, (Un)like a Lady was born.

Today, it's been more than six months since the official launch, and I have had women on this

platform that I once only dreamt of hosting. From a forest officer to an independent musician, their journeys are as unique as they can be. The podcast stands at 11 episodes (the twelfth one might have launched by the time you read this) and has an audience in 15 countries worldwide.

If you ask me my biggest learning as a creator till now, it is to keep going. It involves a lot of experimenting, learning by doing and then figuring out what works for your audience. At the same time, a beautiful element of content creation is that creators don’t know the kind of opportunities that can come their way with time. From getting to know heart-warming stories to having people reach out to tell you how a particular conversation connected with them. The experiences are endless, and the satisfaction is unreal.

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