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Making a difference through wedding photography - Akanksha Verma & Arushi Lakra

We formally started candid wedding photography in 2017. Initially, instead of focusing on our high-quality services, people judged us and rejected our work because of our age and gender. But none of that stopped us from climbing up the ladder and pursuing our passion. Our target was to bag 20 projects in the first year, but we ended up doing 40! Our work started getting published. And that's when we knew that candid wedding photography was our true calling.

The pandemic badly impacted the wedding sector. Our plans for shooting a wedding at Europe in 2020 were ruined. While intimate weddings were beginning to become the norm late in 2020, with the second wave, things looked bleak for the wedding sector yet again. We estimate some level of normalcy to return by the end of this year.

Our efforts are also directed towards empowering the less fortunate by giving them suitable employment opportunities in our business. We hired someone whose parents had to leave everything behind and flee Kashmir. And they could never really find financial stability here. We went and met her family and saw them struggling. Two girls were trying to sustain and support all expenses including their higher education, food, daily necessities and parent's health and medication. Today, we’re happy to say that she's an integral part of our team and single-handedly supporting her family too. Another candidate came to us through a recruitment advertisement. He was from Manipur and his father had passed away when he was young, leaving behind all responsibilities to him and his elder sister. Our agency ran a background check after which we went and personally met his family. He is now happily employed and is able to support his family.

Our message to everyone is to always remember to stick to one thing and do it wholeheartedly. Whatever you do, do it with passion and let nothing stop you. Also, empower others, whenever and wherever possible.

In the future, we want to grow our team in terms of numbers and technology. We are also

planning to have one international setup in a location like Dubai, Canada, USA or Thailand.

Our vision is not just to capture pictures, but to create lifetime bonds. Now, that's a

commitment right? So, you can expect us to silently pivot our way with our cameras, while you are busy enjoying your most important life moments.


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