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Believe in your capabilities and talents - Ashu Bansal

Hey, my name is Ashu Bansal. I am a 21 year old girl who belongs to a small town named “Sirsa” in Haryana . Since my childhood I had big dreams which I always wanted to fulfil but didn’t know how. In school, I was a very underconfident girl. As I was in a small town school, I didn’t get much exposure. I didn’t know about public speaking or entrepreneurship. My parents weren't aware that extra curricular activities and competitions could boost their child’s confidence. That's why they never supported me for participation. I was good at dancing so I participated in some dance competitions. After completing my school I got admission in Keshav Mahavidyalaya, Delhi University.

I was very excited and I had a lot of expectations from my college. When I was in first year , I realised that participation could increase my confidence. So, I got into different societies like fashion, debate, organisation, mathematics etc . I wanted to learn everything that came my way. But because of some reasons, I didn’t get a good opportunity to showcase my talent or increase my confidence in three years of my college. I was very disappointed with myself and thought it might be because of my fate .

But I was very passionate about doing something for our society and wanted to become a changemaker. One day me and my friend came up with the idea “Mathematical Space- a lesson that counts'' which focuses on applied mathematics. As mathematics students we faced a lot of difficulty in understanding the concept behind theorems. I never wanted to cram mathematics. I have been very curious to understand mathematics concepts. Through Mathematical Space we want to show people different sides of maths- how we use mathematics in real life unknowingly. Mathematical Space is not just a project or an initiative or a startup, it is our dream to showcase the magic and importance of mathematics to the audience. We want people to understand that they can always find mathematical solutions to their problems. The hidden or not so functional side of mathematics needs to be shown to the people. It’s been 4 months since we started working on it.

Mathematical Space has totally changed me. Initially, it was very difficult for me to come out of my comfort zone. I am not a talkative person. It was very difficult for me to communicate with people on call. I faced a lot of difficulty while going live on Instagram. I used to do a lot of practice before my Instagram live sessions. Never lose hope because when you are passionate about something, you definitely come out of your comfort zone. Now, I have been taking students' interviews for our organisation. I have been going live on Instagram frequently. It’s been a roller coaster journey for me. Being a women edupreneur many peers get inspired by me. Don’t underestimate yourself. Everybody has hidden capabilities and talents .You just need to figure out what they are. If you can’t do things alone then take help of your friends. Do things which make you happy, confident and simultaneously enhance your skills.

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