Seeking opportunities in the digital realm – Rouchelle Dabral

I was once told that the only qualification needed to succeed in any endeavour is your

willingness to do it thoroughly. My life has never been the same. I started a virtual stage for

artists to perform called Rouvolution. It is meant for young writers, poets and artists who

have immense talent and great ideas but nowhere to showcase it. As someone who loved to perform in front of an audience, I was not able to find many welcoming stages with a warm, unbiased & persistent digital community so I created one. That was the beginning of creating opportunities, not just for myself, but for others like me. Another one of my endeavours includes Willing2digital that provides social media management services to business and influencers. They are my brainchildren, as I passionately like to call them.

As a 23 year old female entrepreneur, I’ve had to fight through a lot of self doubt and

demotivation. That has been the biggest challenge so far. The way you put yourself under

constructive criticism can be a catalyst to growth and at the same time, too much of it can

demotivate you into deep procrastination. The more you stay in that demotivated zone, the

more it will take you far from achieving it. In this scenario, only human will to fight back will

help you get out of that self generated agony!