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Seeking opportunities in the digital realm – Rouchelle Dabral

I was once told that the only qualification needed to succeed in any endeavour is your

willingness to do it thoroughly. My life has never been the same. I started a virtual stage for

artists to perform called Rouvolution. It is meant for young writers, poets and artists who

have immense talent and great ideas but nowhere to showcase it. As someone who loved to perform in front of an audience, I was not able to find many welcoming stages with a warm, unbiased & persistent digital community so I created one. That was the beginning of creating opportunities, not just for myself, but for others like me. Another one of my endeavours includes Willing2digital that provides social media management services to business and influencers. They are my brainchildren, as I passionately like to call them.

As a 23 year old female entrepreneur, I’ve had to fight through a lot of self doubt and

demotivation. That has been the biggest challenge so far. The way you put yourself under

constructive criticism can be a catalyst to growth and at the same time, too much of it can

demotivate you into deep procrastination. The more you stay in that demotivated zone, the

more it will take you far from achieving it. In this scenario, only human will to fight back will

help you get out of that self generated agony!

I recovered from this slump by making a decision. The decision to still give it a try

despite the hundreds of doubts and fearful thoughts. That decision led me to automatically

find ways to gather motivation and confidence to get started. One of the ways out was

through communicating my feelings with the people around me and hearing myself out loud.

After gathering their feedback and belief in me, it really made me realise that our minds can

make things scarier than they actually are. If only we could hear our overthinking out loud,

we would realise how ridiculous some of those thoughts can be. We can dupe ourselves into

thinking that we aren’t good enough.

A solution to overcome self doubt and to recover from imposter syndrome is to get started.

Start before you’re ready and express yourself to people you trust. This led me into carrying

forward the business decisions I wanted to make and attaining slow and small victories.

Being present on social media platforms that provide you with instant gratification also

accelerated that process of trial and error. It really helped me enhance the confidence I

needed to work ahead in my business endeavours. I am only getting started and feel very grateful to my journey so far for teaching me a lot of things!

Above all, I would like to see more female entrepreneurs like myself, run their own show! A

little advice to them - Start before you are ready, trust those who believe in you and be willing

to explore the digital world. It has an immense amount of opportunities for you to build

your brand. Master the art of networking, girl, it is possible to overcome so many barriers

through social media.

Lastly, I’d like to include the fact that women are natural born creators, we create life and can

surely create our own successful business empires with our inborn talent, determination and




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