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The magic of not giving up - Chhavi Gupta

Hello everyone

My name is Chhavi Gupta, a 16 year old girl who loves to write about random things.

I am a medical aspirant studying in class 11. I have always been interested in the field of science. I love to study science.

When I was a kid my family moved to a very small town - Bhiwadi in Rajasthan because of some reasons. I completed half of my schooling there. My mother went to school to teach students of my age and my father did a job. Though they were not financially stable. They sent me to a school where English was not given equal importance as compared to other subjects. I was good at studies. I used to get a scholarship every year from my school which helped my parents a lot. One day came, when my parents asked me leave that place and move to Delhi. I was unhappy. How could I leave my school, teacher's and friends behind and settle in a completely new place? It was very difficult for me. Many things were left unanswered.Then I was shifted to New Delhi, got admitted in an English medium school . A teacher came and asked me to introduce myself. I hardly knew how to frame a proper english sentence. I was dumbstruck at that time. I was stuttering while speaking. All the students present there were laughing at me. I tried a lot to speak but failed miserably. I just stood there and kept mum. When I came back to my home, I wept and cried a lot. I told my mother that I won't go back to that place again. I won't go. I felt like the place was not meant for me. Everyone insulted me.

My mother calmed me down and just said one thing "How will you face big problems if you're defeated by small things? Problems will definitely cross your path, you have to be brave and courageous, you have to face it. If you quit today how will you set an example for your sisters?" This hit me hard. I started learning english, took help from my seniors, learned the words and spellings within five months. I did not only top in my school but also in competition among 500 students. My teachers and parents were so happy for me at that time.

That day I realised it is only you can who pull yourself together, your greatest saviour is yourself. Every obstacle teaches you a life long lesson. You need to change yourself for better outcomes and keep your eyes set on your goals and opportunities.



Wow! Loved reading it.


That's very inspiring dear!Hope you reach great heights! And yes, one must not be scared from the hurdles of life. Keep growing... wishing you a luck!👍


Very inspiring story. Keep going!

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