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Project Jagriti: Asu Devi

Born in a small village known as Koprav in the year 1984, Asu devi had to stop her schooling because she had to get married. After getting married she shifted to her husband’s place in Esrol. She is the mother of one daughter and two sons.

Asu Devi chose traditional craft as the path to be followed for making her dreams come true. With her immense contribution, she became an integral part of the NGO. She sells hand-crafted products which are known for their authentic designs. Asu devi is eager to use the smart phone given to her through Project Jagriti to sell her handicrafts online and promote her work.

She also inspired her daughters to learn stitching and embroidery to make them independent. The eldest one learned stitching work and is financially independent today. She has been practicing the art of traditional appliqué for the past 15 years. She has also managed to buy a new house for the family. She is working towards her dream of getting her two sons and daughter well-educated.

As a lady who is strong, independent, and working towards the well-being of her family, she continues to inspire many women of the region to realise their full potential.

Asu devi thanks for helping her get online during the times of the global pandemic in which the digital spaces have become a lifeline.


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