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Project Jagriti: Noji Devi

This is the incredible story of Noji Devi who was born in the year 1987. She got married in the year 2006 and settled down in Baldev Nagar, Barmer, Rajasthan. She not only inspired women but also young girls around her to become strong and independent.

She has been working with the traditional art work of appliqué for more than 18 years and has great experience. Noji Devi’s beautiful appliqué skills, hard work, enthusiasm and determination turned out to be a remarkable means for ensuring constant earnings of minimum Rs.12000 per month.

She is not only able to get her children educated in a private school but is also able to take good care of her family. With her becoming economically enabled, she has not just been able to take better care of her house but also has greater respect and say in the family decisions.

She has been working with GVCS for the past 7 years and teaching other women the craft of appliqué. The woman who is in pursuit of her true potential could earn respect and be content in life through her traditional handicraft skills.

Noji Devi is eager to use the smart phone given to her through Project Jagriti to sell her products via the digital platform during the difficult times of the COVID’19 pandemic and increase her earnings. The digital literacy session has equipped her with the knowledge to creatively utilise the digital spaces. She thanks for the initiative of Project Jagriti.


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