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Project Jagriti: Lehero Devi

In a society where women are meant for sacrifice, Lehero Devi prioritizes her thoughts and beliefs over others to empower herself. Though she had to experience societal pressures, her attitude towards life and the decisions she took set her apart from other women.

Lehero Devi had given birth to three girl children. Not being able to produce a male child, which is one of main causes of subjugation and social pressure, she had been pushed into renunciation and had to see her husband get married again to live happily with his new family.

It was not easy for Lehero Devi to provide for all the needs of her family. She knew that it was time for her to take charge of her family. Her daughters also joined her in the process. She used to travel long distances to collect raw materials. Delivering products was a huge task for this all-women’s team. But they faced all the obstacles that came in their way. Later they also got support from GVCS.

Lehero Devi has given 10 dedicated years of her life to work and has created an indelible position for herself guiding thousands of women towards becoming self-sufficient. Lehero Devi did not just improve her income and lifestyle but rediscovered herself while she accompanied Ruma Devi in several fashion shows and exhibitions.

She was ecstatic to receive the smart phone given to her through Project Jagriti. Now, there is a lot more that Lehero Devi can achieve. She promises to use the smart phone to expand her network and sell her work online. She is thankful to


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