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Project Jagriti: Sugdi Devi

Life as a refugee is never a cakewalk. Sugdi Devi belongs to one such family that had migrated from Sindh in Pakistan during the time of partition. They had settled down in a small village called Dhanau. There were numerous barriers on her way to a happy life.

Other than her husband and children, Sugdi Devi’s only source of joy was her needle and thread. She could see that it would not be possible for her to educate her children with her husband’s income alone. When she came to know about the NGO, she saw an opportunity to expand her existing skills in traditional art. She saw a source of income and a way of improving her family situation.

Sugdi Devi was trained into an embroidery and appliqué expert and became a master trainer. Within no time she could create her own identity by walking on-ramp with her collection in different fashion shows. Recognising her relentless efforts and dedication, she received an award from the District Administration in August 2019.

Her hard work payed off. Sugdi Devi could see her efforts being successful when her eldest daughter, Hemlata completed STC and her son, Jagdish got into ITI. Her other two children Durga and Ravi are about to finish high school.

She is now providing specialised training and workshops to many other women who may need support and guidance. She has organised workshops at different institutes (e.g. NIFT) and addressed many students. She was offered to train the ladies of Mana village of Uttarakhand and a package of 1 lakh rupees for three months.

Conquering the conservative nature of the age-old practices of society is not easy at all for Indian women. Sugdi Devi, ignoring all the social odds stood up for herself and her children’s bright future igniting confidence in many women in the community.

Sugdi Devi is keen to use her smart phone to increase her outreach during the times of the pandemic via the digital platform. She appreciates Project Jagriti ||


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