Project Jagriti: Dariya Devi

Dariya Devi was married at a young age and is currently settled in Mahabar, Barmer. She struggled to get a good life. The income of her husband was not enough to feed and educate 5 children. She wanted to work but it was extremely difficult to face the societal pressures, norms and obligations.

But seeing women around her who had already developed their skills in the traditional art forms of appliqué work and embroidery, she got inspired and joined GVCS. She has been working for the past 7 years.

As a result of her hardwork, she got opportunities to walk on the ramp and attend global craft exhibitions. She is proud of herself for ensuring that all her children get enrolled in schools. Ignoring all the social odds, Dariya Devi stood for herself and her children.

Dariya Devi is grateful to for digitally enabling her through Project Jagriti during the troubled times of the pandemic. She is committed to using her new smart phone to sell and promote her embroidery and appliqué work online.