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Project Jagriti: Gavri Devi

The roots of the empowering story of Gavri Devi are well reflected by the saying, “Desire is the starting point for all achievement.”

Gavri Devi had seen financial struggles since her childhood and even after her marriage. However, she could not let the economic barriers affect the education of her children. Her own struggles created a strong desire in her heart to educate her children and see them independent and self-sufficient in their lives.

She started getting trained at GVCS and honed her embroidery and appliqué skills. These skills became a source of sustained income for her livelihood. In a journey of 10 years, Gavri Devi not only saw her children getting educated and becoming independent but also became instrumental in changing the lives of several other women. She feels proud of her well-timed decision to start working to become financially independent and being able to give her children a brighter future.

As Gavri Devi is one of the many women who face similar hardships, her story of fierceness and efforts for a better future stood out as an inspiration for many women to embrace their own skills and earn their livelihood.

Gavri Devi looks forward to using the smart phone given to her through Project Jagriti for her betterment and the promotion of her work through the internet. She thanks for the smart phone and the digital literacy session.


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