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Project Jagriti: Geeta Devi

Geeta Devi is a woman who has displayed great courage. Faced with societal pressures, her attitude towards life and the decisions was truly commendable. To make her children and her life better she decided to work.

As per social norms, Geeta Devi got married at a young age and was forced to give up on her dreams. But this certainly did not shatter her spirit. After a few years of marriage, she got herself trained (at GVCS) which turned out to be a major shift in vocation from nursing to traditional art. She embraced the change with a radiant smile and her fine skills of embroidery were complemented by her scientifically trained brain.

Soon from a mere beneficiary, she transformed into a helping hand, a source of inspiration and support for all the women who chose to follow her footsteps. She has been doing the traditional work of appliqué for the past 10 years. She is a woman discovering new things about herself every day.

Geeta Devi looks forward to using the smart phone given to her through Project Jagriti for selling, promoting and sharing her fine skills of embroidery.


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