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Project Jagriti: Moni Devi

Moni Devi, not getting bowed down by her severe deprivation and losing both her parents at a very young age, stood for herself and determined to change her fate. Resembling many other women, she was married at a very young age of 18 years and life had always been full of challenges for her.

Like all mothers, she did not want her children to go through all that she had undergone. She wanted them to get the best of education and facilities that would make them independent, successful, and happy in life.

She was well aware that without stepping out and standing on her own feet, she would not be able to carve this dream into the future for her three sons and three daughters.

Moni Devi was also among the first ten members of the GVCS self-help group. Moni Devi’s skills of hand embroidery and appliqué work became the only source of income in her family. During the initial days, there was no transport or electricity. Moni Devi used to walk almost 10 km just to get raw materials and deliver finished products. She remembers how she would work in darkness and dim lights till solar lights came into her village. This gave impetus to the women to work comfortably at nights after completing their household duties for the day.

Moni Devi feels very happy to be leading a better life today. Her hard work and contributions have led into an expanding network of the NGO involving more and more women.

Moni Devi is eager to put the smart phone given to her through Project Jagriti to great use to further her work.


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